Red Apple Academy


Red Apple Academy

Red Apple Academy provides a preschool experience that is centered around the children. Our goal is to provide a preschool  where children are taught and nurtured in an environment where they feel safe, loved and accepted. As unique and special individuals, they are encouraged to grow socially, intellectually and physically. Our school philosophy is that each child learns through hands on experience while working, playing and having fun with their classmates and teachers. Our objectives are for the children to create projects they are proud of. Activities are structured so that some can be done entirely on their own, some that challenge the child's ability and some with minimal teacher assistance. They will learn to try, sometimes fail, try again and finally succeed. It is not our objective to create beautiful crafts for your child to bring home, but rather structure an environment where the child is involved in the process of doing and thereby learning.

What We Offer...

Red Apple Academy offers a state of the art preschool experience with flexible scheduling to meet our families needs.

  • Language Arts
  • Math Readiness
  • Dramatic Play
  • Music
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Large Motor Development
  • Science Exploration/STEM
  • Social/Emotional Growth
  • Open and Creative Arts & Crafts
  • Guest Speakers

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Where We're Located

18550 Millburn Rd, Old Mill Creek, IL 60083

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